• About Me:

    Hello! My name is Ramses Di Perna, I'm 26 years old and I am a programmer specialized in making video games.

    I love to make games, I always wanted to create them, and when I found out I could, I started doing so.

    I have programmed in various stressful situations, but always kept a cool head, because creating games is always fun!

    Next to programming I play games here and there of various genres if well executed. Also, I like to do different kinds of sports and spend all this quality time listening to the perfection of baroque / classical music.

    In short:

    I am a very optimistic and hard working programmer. I am always devoted to the project I am working on and trying to get them as perfect as possible.

    Contact Me:

    LinkedIn : Ramses Di Perna

    Facebook : ThatGuyThatLovesLasagne
    Twitter : Darkfafi

    E-mail : contact@RamsesDiPerna.com


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